National Federation of Nurses (NFN)

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National Federation of Nurses is a leading national labor union and collaborative voice for registered nurses. Our work is driven by the priorities of our members—nurses associations and the individual nurses they represent.

National Federation of Nurses was founded in 2008 to provide a unique, more inclusive option for nurses and model for national unions. We are dedicated to respect for the members associations’ sovereignty, transparency and strong collaboration to meet the needs of nurses everywhere.

We take action at the local, state and national level to improve working conditions for nurses and achieve better patient outcomes. Our goal is ultimately to create a strong, educated and stable nursing workforce, and, thereby, improve health care delivery in the United States.

The National Federation of Nurses exists to strengthen and assist member associations, and to establish and implement an effective national labor agenda that supports and advances the economic and general welfare, workplace conditions and practice of registered nurses through collective bargaining and shared decision-making. Our goal is ultimately to create a strong and stable nursing workforce, and improve health care delivery in the United States.

Core Covenants

The National Federation of Nurses:

  1. Believes registered nurses are best represented for collective bargaining by a union of registered nurses;
  2. Takes direction from its member associations;
  3. Is driven by broad based principles of democracy, collaboration, social justice and equity;
  4. Ensures transparency and open continuous communication between the National Federation of Nurses and the member associations;
  5. Respects the sovereignty of each member association;
  6. Requires mutual accountability between and among the National Federation of Nurses and its member associations;
  7. Is representative of the interests of the member associations and their memberships;
  8. Reflects the philosophy and will of the member associations;
  9. Provides mutual support between and among the member associations;
  10. Supports organizing as the primary means of growth;
  11. Encourages no-raid agreements with other unions;
  12. Does not engage in any activity that threatens the existence, growth, and viability of the National Federation of Nurses and the member associations; and
  13. Respects the jurisdictional boundaries of the member associations.

NFN Leadership

The NFN is led and comprised entirely of nurses

National Executive Board

  • President Steve Rooney, RN (Oregon)
  • Vice-President Julie Shuff, RN (Oregon)
  • Secretary Vicky Byrd, RN (Montana)
  • Treasurer Rose Marie Martin, RN (Ohio)
  • Director Jacinta Tucker, RN (Ohio)
  • Director Linda Riazi Kermani, RN (Ohio)
  • Director Ann Carlson, RN (Oregon)
  • Becky McCay, RN (Oregon)
  • Director Jeanne Avey, RN (Washington)
  • Director Marty Avey, RN (Washington)
  • Director Daylyn Porter, RN (Montana)
  • Brenda Donaldson, RN (Montana)

For more information on the National Federation of Nurses, please visit