NARS ReportingClick here to access the reporting system

Primary nurse planners are responsible for ensuring appropriate reporting of activity information to NARS for all activities held in the reporting period. This can be delegated to another member of the provider unit, but the PNP has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring this is completed and must complete an attestation that the information is complete and correct. This year we are setting the deadline for this process as February 1, 2024.

Mandatory MNA Submission – Email your submission to

All APU’s must submit a completed activity file from the previous 6 months. Any activity that was planned after 7/1/2023 is eligible to be submitted. The expectation is that all criteria for activity file documentation will be met when submitted to MNA, so be sure to review all required components of an activity file before you submit. The deadline for this submission is March 15, 2024.