MNA 2023 Legislative Plan (updates to follow as bills make their way through the legislative process)


OFFENSE: plan with potential bill draft

  • Violence against Nurses and Healthcare Workers
  • RN safe staffing standards
  • Support the State Employee pay plan


DEFENSE: plan to work to halt bad legislation

  • Anti-Public Health
  • Right to Work (Protect the Blue-Eyed Nurse Bill and right to collectively bargain)
  • State Pensions/Longevity
  • Right to Privacy regarding Healthcare
  • Full-practice authority for APRN’s



  • Infectious disease reporting
  • Nurse licensure compact for APRNs
  • Department of labor change in licensing rules

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Important Bill Information

HB 409 – APRN Compact that adds minimum practice hours as requirement for advanced practice to obtain a multi-state license. (MNA opposes HB 409)

HB 303 – Deny Care based on conscience objection for any employee of healthcare

SB 140 – Revise Nurse Union Membership. MNA opposes SB 140.

HB 216 – Revise union membership targeting public nurses and employees. MNA opposes HB 216