MNA Approved Providers List

MNA thanks all of the Approved Provider Units we work with for their commitment to advancing and promoting quality nursing practice through continuing nursing education. 



Professional Development Council


  • Gwyn Palchak, BSN, RN-BC, ACM

Representative to the Board:

  • Deborah Lee, BSN, RN-BC, CCRP

Council on Professional Development:

  • Brenda Donaldson, BA, RN, CAPA
  • Charlotte Skinner, BSN, RN-C
  • Emily Michalski-Weber, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC
  • Gwyn Palchak, BSN, RN-BC, ACM
  • Joe Poole, BSN, RN, CHSE
  • Janet Smith, MN, MSHS, RN

To Contact the Council on Professional Development, please email:

Staff Contacts
Kelly Hunt, MN, RN,, CNL Jennifer Hamilton
Director of Professional Development
Office: (406) 442-6710
Professional Development Associate
Office: 406-442-6710