September 27, 2023
Contact: Bob Funk | 406-461-6787

Watchdog Alleges Pattern of Labor Law Violations by St. Peter’s Union-Busting Consultant

(Helena, MT) —This week, St. Peter’s Health hired an anti-union “persuader” consultant, Niles Commer, to directly engage with nurses who are actively seeking to form a union. In light of this development, LaborLab has launched an investigation, leading to the filing of a formal complaint being filed with the U.S. Department of Labor under the Labor Management Relations and Disclosure Act (LMRDA).

The complaint specifically alleges repeated violations of the LMRDA by Niles Commer, who has demonstrated a history of non-compliance with labor laws, particularly those related to transparency and disclosure. The LMRDA is designed to ensure that workers are provided with the critical information they are entitled to, safeguarding their rights in the labor process.

Even since his engagement by St. Peter’s Health, Niles Commer is accused of violating disclosure rules by failing to file necessary reports with the U.S. Department of Labor. As a result, LaborLab has taken the step to formally file a complaint against Mr. Commer to address these alleged violations.

It is worth noting that, as a consequence of hiring Niles Commer, St. Peter’s Health now bears an obligation to disclose the expenditures related to their union-busting activities. This complaint underscores the importance of upholding workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain, emphasizing the need for prompt and decisive action to address these alleged violations.

“Niles Commer, the out-of-state union-buster hired by St. Peter’s, has an egregious history of disregarding transparency laws designed to protect workers,” said Bob Funk, LaborLab Executive Director. “Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Hospitals are some of the largest spenders on union-busting and their consultants, like Commer, often violate disclosure rules in an attempt to stay undetected and hidden in the shadows.”